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About Us

The Earth's Cauldron, the melting pot of the world. A center for us all. A place where you can find many different cultures existing side by side in relative harmony. We like to explore all areas of ancient culture, and bring to our shop, the most practical (and still available) items that were used and cherished by people in ancient times.  We specialize in Soaps, Candles, Incense, Herbs, Oils, Henna and more!

All of our handmade products are made with the best quality natural ingredients that we can find! We use no synthetic fragrances or preservatives in our products and believe that what goes on your skin most certainly goes into your body and the same with scents such as incense and candles.

The Earth's Cauldron story:

When I was a child, my favorite book was Richard Burton's Arabian Nights. I took this book with me everywhere I went! Although I admit I did not understand much of it, words like Sandalwood and Aloes Wood and places like Damascus intrigued me. I knew then I had a liking for the exotic, the ancient, and the cultural influences of our human society.

My days were filled with learning about the differences in our world, and in the process I began to see the oneness. My ability to view all cultures with equality had begun to take root.

In about 1985 I was in the magazine isle of a store when I saw the latest issue of National Geographic Magazine. This magazine literally changed my life. The eyes of a woman stared out from the cover, we knew her at the time only as "The Afghan Girl" a picture for the article "Along Afghanistan's War-torn Frontier"

Something changed in me that day, I never looked at the world around me the same again. The Earth's Cauldron had been born.

A few years later, I purchased a book on how to make natural soap, a $4.95 book on Aromatherapy and a small bottle of Patchouli oil, after that I was hooked! I started making natural soaps, then candles, then anything else I could find a recipe for.

It didn't take long to manifest the dream of The Earth's Cauldron.

I started out at fairs and flea markets, and in 1998 I opened my first real shop and started making natural soaps and candles and importing handmade goods from all over the world, and have never looked back. This has not only been a passion, but my life's work.

Today along with my beloved soaps and essential oils, I also make other body care products, herbal teas and crafts, natural wax candles & brooms and besoms I make and import incense, teas, herbs, oils, henna and many more hard to find exotic items and supplies.

With my love of ancient cultures, also came a love for Mehndi ~ henna body art. I am a natural henna artist, certified through the ICNHA. 

All of our imported products and handmade product ingredients are authentic, and not cheap imitations. IE: If it's Indian, it came from India; If it's Egyptian, it came from Egypt.

The Earth's Cauldron brings together all that we love about the world, past and present.

Thank you for stopping by The Earth's Cauldron, fix yourself some mint tea, light an incense and browse through our shop.

Relax ~ Enjoy your stay.

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