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Glastonbury Tor ~ Beeswax Tapered Square Pillar Candle



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Glastonbury Tor
Ancient Alchemy
Pure Tapered Square Pillar Candle

Glastonbury Tor ~ Also known as the "Isle of Avalon" By the Britons has been associated with Avalon and King Arthur, since the discovery of his and Queen Guinevere's coffins in 1191. Glastonbury Tor is considered by some to be one of the possible hiding places of the Holy Grail. It is also said that there was a Monastery there once. The Tor is also associated with Gwyn ap Nudd, Lord of the Otherworld (Annwn)also known as the Kind of the Faeries. Legend has it that the Tor actually veils the entrance to the island of Avalon.

These tall slightly tapered square Candles are made out of 100% pure & natural beeswax with a cotton wick and Old World Filigree Charm & Ribbon.

Our Ancient Alchemy line of candles are made with either 100% pure Bayberry Wax, 100% pure Beeswax or a combination of both natural waxes. These are the waxes that were used in the days of old from regular household use to ritual use and special occasions. We use a very trusted source for both of our natural ancient waxes and can assure you that they are 100% pure with no additives and no chemicals. If you want candles that are pure, original and those used in ancient times, then Ancient Alchemy candles are for you!

All candles are made to order. Expect a minimum of at least 1 business day lead time. Production may take a bit longer if you are purchasing several candles at once. You will be contacted immediately if lead time is longer than 1 business day.

Clean, Green, Pure & Simple. Natural aromatherapy for your mind, body & soul.

Why Beeswax?

1. Beeswax is derived from the same source as honey, and is one of natures products.
2. Beeswax has a natural sweet smell.
3. Beeswax is smokeless, dripless and burns slowly.
4. Environmentally friendly, uses a by-product of bees, not refined petroleum. No petrol-carbon soot!

We use pure unfiltered, domestic beeswax from local beekeepers. Bees pollinate the flowers they visit, without them we would not be able to eat the fruits and vegetables we enjoy so much, not to mention the large amounts of crops we would loose every year. Some of these crops include melons, cucumbers, berries, almonds, alfalfa, clover and apples.

We love bees! ~ Support your local Farmers!

Please note that with square and rectangular shaped candles, the corners of the candle will not be consumed by the wick. The wick pool only makes a round shape when it burnes and consumes the wax, and there is no way to make the wick burn properly and burn the corners of the candle also. Once these candles are through burning, keep the left over wax and use for body care products, to make more candles, for sealing threads and sealing bottles....the list is endless what you can find to do with Beeswax!

Color: Natural Beeswax with Old World Filigree Charm & Ribbon
Burn time: Aprox 67-70 hours
Size: 6" tall x 2.25" at the base and tapers to 2" wide at the top
Wick: Cotton

Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch. Beeswax is a naturally soft and sticky wax, therefore slight mottling and imperfections may occur. Also note that slight bits of settlement may occur, as we like our beeswax very raw and unrefined, getting the wax this way makes for the strongest scent!

Burn beeswax candles until there is an even pool across the top of the candle to insure proper burning and to help prevent tunneling. This process will create a "memory pool" and help the candle distribute it's scent more evenly. (Does not really apply to chime and tapers).

Always keep candle wicks trimmed to 1/8" to insure proper burning.

As with all candle burning, please use caution and keep away from children and pets. Burn candles on a clean flat surface and keep away from drafts, curtains and clothing. Do not leave candles unattended.

Information about herbs, oils and fragrances used in our candles, is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any diseases or health concerns. We do not make any claims for the use or effectiveness of these candles.

Remove all labels, adornments and packaging before burning and enjoying candles.

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