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Henna Flower Attar ~ Henna Aftercare Balm / Lotion Bar



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Henna Flower Attar
Henna Aftercare Balm
Solid Lotion Bar
1 ounce


Your limbs are an orchard of pomegranates with all kinds of luscious fruit, henna, and spices.
~ Song of Solomon 4:13 CEB

Henna Flowers are one of the most prized scents of the ancient world. Everyone from Cleopatra to King Solomon loved the scent of Henna. This exquisite scent is called by many "Flowers of Paradise". One of my sources describes this scent as a combination of "Fine Chocolate, Roses and Good Cigars".

Slightly sweet, mysterious and highly intoxicating!

These little lotion bars are made with organic cocoa butter, coconut oil, natural beeswax and pure essential oils. That's it, pure & simple. There are no artificial ingredients or synthetic fragrances added.

These lotion bars are perfect for henna aftercare and as a lotion.

For henna after care: To help protect your new henna design, rub over design area (after paste has been removed) before doing dishes, taking a shower, swimming or any other contact with water. The more exposure your henna design has to water, the quicker it will fade. Help protect it against water (and the chlorine that may be in your water), to make your beautiful design last as long as possible!

For lotion use: Rub between hands after washing or anytime hands feel dry or need soothing. May also be used as a nourishing body lotion, especially good for elbows, knees and feet. Your body heat will soften the bar and the natural butters will absorb into the skin without feeling heavy or greasy.

In my line of work, I must keep my hands clean and sanitary, and I wash them several times a day. Washing your hands this much will dry them out no matter how good of a moisturizing soap you have, so I have to rehydrate them often. These are perfect! I have about 5 or 6 of these laying around the shop and at home, and use them many times a day and they absorb so easily into the skin, I don't have to worry about a heavy greasy after feel.

These are packaged in a square of wax paper, inside a paper box with a lid. The Aftercare Balm will stay moist and the wax paper holds it shape around the bar well.

These lotion bars will last quite a long time!

Listing price is for 1 one ounce lotion bar.

Slight impurities may appear due to the organic content of the raw ingredients.

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 12 November, 2016.

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