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Elements ~ Henna Traveler~ Sample The World of Henna



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Henna Traveler ~ Sample The World
Henna Body Art Kit

These kits contain rare Henna powders and can change with each batch. What you see in the listing here is what you will get in your kit. The next round of kits may have different powders and essential oil blends.

All Natural Henna !!!

The Earth's Cauldron Henna Body Art Kit

The Earth's Cauldron offers all of our quality henna products in a convenient kit with everything you need to get started in the wonderful art of Mehndi!

This is a quality henna powder kit, that's also perfect for beginners, with all natural ingredients, it does not contain any artificial ingredients and NO DANGEROUS PPD or chemicals of any kind. The ingredients in this kit are of the highest quality available!

This Sampler Kit contains four different henna powders from around the world! Sample what the world of henna has to offer. Start your travels in Morocco, then over to Egypt and then on to Pakistan and India!

Remember....There is no such thing as black henna or henna that comes in colors such as blue, purple, black, green etc. etc. The henna paste itself is a blackish/green color when applied, with the resulting stain ranging from a bright orange to a deep dark brown, depending on many factors such as how you mix your paste, the persons skin and the weather conditions.

The henna powder is packaged in a black foil zip bag that has been heat sealed to preserve freshness. These black foil zip bags keep out light and UV rays and are also water proof and smell proof.

Henna Body Art Kit Contents:

* 25 gram foil pouch each of:
All natural Yemani henna powder
Organic Egyptian henna powder
All natural Jamila henna powder***
Organic Rajasthani henna powder

Each pack yields about 3.25 oz. of henna paste and approximately 30-60 henna designs

***A note on Jamila...(although this is not certified organic, we have dealt extensively with the henna farmers in Pakistan and know of their practices and farming techniques and can assure you they use no chemicals or artificial treatments on their henna plants)

* Four 2 dram bottles of The Earth's Cauldron Essential Oil Blend Henna Terps uniquely blended for each powder. Each marked with the name of the corresponding henna powder.

* 24 hand rolled henna cones (fill to approx. 1/2 oz. each)

* 4 Carrot bags and rubber bands for filling your cones and/or bottle

* Complete instructions, sample patterns and practice sheet included

The only other items you will need to do your own henna body art are:

* sugar for the lemon sugar sealant

* lemon juice for mixing your henna and sealant

* mixing bowls

* a piece of plastic wrap to cover your henna paste

* stir sticks or spoons for mixing your henna and sealant

* toothpicks and cotton swabs for touch ups

* paper towels to help keep surfaces clean

* alcohol or witch hazel for prepping the skin for henna

* paper medical tape, vet wrap, cotton and protective glove, sock or stocking to wrap up your finished design (optional)

* Scotch tape for sealing your henna cones.

Please read over the ingredients listed in this kit and in your choice of essential oil blend. If you think you may be allergic to any of the ingredients listed, please consult your doctor. The Earth's Cauldron is not responsible for the use or misuse of any and all henna powders, pastes and kits.

Henna is also not suitable for children under the age of 6.


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