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Avalon Apple Herbal Apple Tea



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Avalon Apple
90% Organic
Herbal Apple Tea

2oz of Herbal Tea
Contains caffeine
Makes approximately 23 cups of tea.

Listing is for one 8"H x 3.25"W x 2.5"D brown glassine lined bag of herbal tea with a stay fresh top. Bag is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Tea is vacuum packed, when you receive your tea, simply cut open the vacuum pack and empty the tea into your stay fresh bag. Vacuum bag is recyclable.

A sacred blend of Ancient Forest Black Tea, Meadowsweet, Spearmint, Blue Vervain, Freeze Dried Apples & Stevia.

An apple infused herbal tea made with real apples and herbs sacred to both Druid & Priestess alike!

This tea was created as a pre ritual tea to help those who are working with the Sister & Brotherhood to help tune in with the flow of energy to help in Spiritual workings....We soon discovered that we liked it so much, we can enjoy it anytime of the day or evening!!!

The three main herbs used here, Meadowsweet, Mint & Vervain are the three main herbs said to be sacred to the Druids. Although the sources for this information are scarce, we agree that that combination of the three herbs are very useful in herbal magic!

Meadowsweet is known for divination, love and happiness.

Mint is known for breaking spells, to un-cross and remove jinxes. Mint also repels your enemies and wards off evil intent. Mint also stimulates psychic abilities.

Vervain is known for a love potion herb, used in purification rituals, protection, exorcism, prosperity, healing and peace. Blue Vervain is said to be used by the Daughters of Druids when they were initiated into the Mysteries.

Apples are sacred to the Morrigan and are said to heal all wounds. Apple branches appear in many lores and legends, particularly to help enchant humans into slumber and for safe passage into and from the Faerie World.

We love this tea, after only a few sips, we were hooked. Tasty and relaxing, we made our cup as described below and added one packet of natural raw sugar. We love it with honey also!

Herbal teas can be enjoyed plain or sweetened, it's all a matter of personal preference.

We think that one of the best things in life is a cup of pure, natural herbal tea. Tea can be enjoyed in the morning, afternoon, night, or any time of the day. Herbal tea can be a pick me up, an afternoon refreshment or a relaxation aid in the evenings.

Our Herbal Tea Blends are handcrafted here at The Earth's Cauldron from certified organic herbs, and when the organic is not available the finest wild harvested herbs obtainable. Each handmade Herbal Tea Blend will be noted with the percentage of organic ingredients. We never use any herbs that may be tainted with pesticides or any other harmful chemicals.

The herbs we use in our tea blends are always fresh and fragrant, crafted from tried and true herbal blends exclusive to The Earth's Cauldron.

Each Herbal Tea Blend is a "loose" tea that is packaged in either a resealable kraft bag with a glassine liner or in a reusable collectable tea tin.

Infuse a cup by taking a tbsp of herbal tea to 8oz of almost boiling water. Place loose herbal tea in a tea infuser or muslin bag and place in cup. Pour water over tea, and steep for 5-7 minutes, remove infuser or bag and enjoy! The water and tea blend ratio is our personal choice, you may adjust either one to your liking. For stronger tea, you may also let steep an additional 5 minutes.

Information about teas, herbal teas, herbs and oils on this site, is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any diseases or health concerns.

If you are pregnant or nursing, or have epilepsy, migraine headaches, gallstones, high blood pressure and/or any other disease or health concern, please consult a physician about any herbs, teas or other herbal products here on our site, to ensure you and/or your baby's health safety. Although not common, allergic reactions can occur in some individuals who consume herbs and herbal tea blends.

***If you are pregnant or nursing, ALWAYS check with your physician before consuming herbal teas or any other herbal products***

We do not make any claims for the use or effectiveness of these herbs and teas. The Earth's Cauldron will not be held liable for any health concerns or issues arising from the use or misuse of any of our herbs or herbal tea blends.

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