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Moqui Marbles "Eggs" ~ Shaman Stone Size E ~ One Stone



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Moqui Marbles
Moqui Balls
Shaman Stone

This listing is for one (1) Moqui Marble
These Moqui are a egg shape, but note that not all of them will have a smooth egg shape to them. Some may have some tiny "bumps and dents" but are a general egg shape. Others are completely egg shaped and smooth!
Size E

This egg shape is great for fertility rites and any Spring time rituals and ceremonies!

The Egg shape Moqui are a bit larger than the round Moqui.

These Moqui Marbles are between 23.9mm and 27.1mm on the long side (see conversion chart below)

Keeping Moqui Marbles in the home is said to be a sign of welcome to the Ancestors. Legend says that the departed Ancestors of the Hopi Indian Tribe played games with these "marbles" in the evening when they believed Spirits are allowed to visit the Earth. When the sun rises, the Spirits must return to the heavens, leaving the Moqui Marbles behind to let loved ones know they are doing well and that they are happy.

These Moqui Marbles were found in Utah, and are believed to be concretions formed 130 to 155 million years ago. Moqui in Hopi means "dearly departed one"

mm to inches conversion chart:

3mm = 1/8"
6.35mm = 1/4"
12.7mm = 1/2"
19.0mm = 3/4"
25.4mm = 1"

Uses for your Gemstones & Crystals:

*Carry in your pocket to utilize the stone's energies.
*For chakra work. Hold the appropriate gem over the afflicted area and rotate clockwise to strengthen the chakra.
*For Healing. Hold the appropriate gem one inch over the afflicted area to heal the body.
*Place on your alter during spellwork.
*Place stone in drinking water to release the stone's energies into the water, and drink the water. (be sure to use stones that do not contain harmful minerals).
*Place stone in water in watering can or spray bottle to mist and water plants and herbs. Moonstone is fabulous for this!
*Add to bath water to release the stone's energies into your bath.
*Energy Healing
*Use as a magical tool or wand
*Keep on your desk
*Use as a meditation aid
*Carry as a goodluck charm
*Use as a worry stone
*Give as a gift to someone who is going through a bad time.
*Make jewelry out of them (see our gemstone cages)
*Use for decoration
*Gardening & landscaping
*Use for hot stone massages
*Add them to your table or yard fountains, or use as a wishing charm instead of a penny.

Be sure to regularly clean and charge your stones. I will add instructions for this with your stone order.

Each stone will be packaged at the time of your order. We will include a small information card with your stone also.

Actual stones may vary from the photo, but will always be within the size rage stated.

Information about crystals, gemstones, crystal balls and other specimen pieces, is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any diseases or health concerns.

We do not make any claims for the use or effectiveness of these Stones used for intent, we sell it as a curio only.

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