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Viking Drinking Horn ~ C with Leather Belt Holster



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Viking Drinking Horn #C with Leather Belt Holster

Drinking Horn #C Holds approx. 2 Cups which is equal to 16 ounces or 1 pint.

These Viking Drinking Horns are measured from top to tip on the long side. This Drinking Horn (Horn #C) is approx. 18"L x 2.5"W at the opening across the widest part.

Each of these Viking Drinking Horns also come with a custom one of a kind primitive leather belt holster or "belt frog". Yours will not look like anyone elses! The beads and/or charms on the holsters can be changed and rearranged if desired. Like a particular Drinking Horn but don't like the beads? Just send me a message and we can change them according to what I have in stock. You may also add your own beads and personal touches to your Drinking Horn. Good with carving or wood burning? Try (after much research) to carve your own personal design or Sigil onto your horn! These can also be worn on either side of your belt with the horn pointing to either the front or back.

These Viking Drinking Horns have been collected from free range cattle and have been carefully cleaned and coated with a food safe coating on the inside and a clear glaze on the outside to bring out it's natural beauty. Cow horns have a naturally beautiful diverse appearance which can range from solid to mixed colors of white, cream, beige and black. The horn you see in the photos above is the exact horn you will receive. Note though that the camera sometimes makes the appearance of the horns seem just slightly darker than they are. Colors may vary ever so slightly from the photos.

To care for your horn simply wash like any other cup or mug with warm soapy water, and rinse well and place (carefully and steady) somewhere upside down for it to drain and dry. Wipe down your Drinking Horn with Grape Seed or Safflower oil once a year to keep them from drying out. With proper care, they should last you at least a couple of years if not more depending on how much you use them. I know those who have had their Horns for nearly a decade now and they are still in use.

You can use the Drinking Horns for any drink, drinks that do or do not have alcohol including beer, mead and spirits.

A Drinking Horn is the horn from either cattle, goat or buffalo, but generally cattle horns were used, and they were either used whole in the form you see here or made into cups.

The Prose Edda (one of two Old Norse compilations made in Iceland in the early 13th century) basically Scandinavian mythology, states that they were in use during the Viking Age. Thor was said to drink from a horn that contained all the Seas of the world. The story of Beowulf also mentions serving mead in a carved Drinking Horn. Carved Drinking Horns were also mentioned in the Guðrúnarkviða II, a poem composed about 1000 AD.

Fragments from ancient Drinking Horns have been found and preserved, and it is widely believed by Scholars that the use was much more widespread than originally thought. Your typical daily drinking horn probably held about a half of a liter.

Many cultures still use the Drinking Horn for ceremonial purposes and they are regaining popularity among those who follow the old Norse ways and those who wish to stay traditional in their practices.

Use a Drinking Horn instead of the traditional silver or brass Chalice on your Viking Altar. Bring to festivals and reenactments.

A super cool item to add to your collection and no Viking Altar or Celtic Magical Collection should be without one of these!

These Drinking Horns weigh in at approximately 8-12 ounces each. Note they are calculated in checkout for weight that includes careful padding and packing and that even though your horn may only be a couple of inches wide, the box it is packed in has to account for the width of the curve of your Horn as shown in the photos above, so a 2.5" wide horn may actually be 8" wide accounting for the curve of the Horn for packing.

We do not make any claims for the use or effectiveness of these Viking Drinking Horns used for intent, we sell it as a curio only.

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