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Black Ceremonial Besom & Hearth Broom #301



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Black Ceremonial Besom & Hearth
Handmade Broom #301
Black Broomcorn

***NOTE it is highly recommended to purchase any broom over 36" separately from other items to save on shipping costs and to protect your handcrafted broom.***
However, very small items such as an oil, pendant, pack of incense etc. can easily fit along side of the larger brooms. Brooms can not be shipped out of the United States due to agricultural customs rules and regulations.

This broom is approximately 31" tall/long with a 4" leather thong hanging loop. The broomcorn is 15" in length.
Color: Black ~ Handle: Birch

These are fully functional brooms.

Brooms may have names such as "Cobweb", "Hearth" etc. But you can use your broom for any purpose you wish from rituals to cleaning. It is totally up to you what you do with your handmade broom.

We make each broom by hand here at The Earth's Cauldron with organic broom corn, twine and other natural materials such as the hand gathered "found" hardwood handles and antlers. Sometimes on the smaller brooms, a licorice stick or other hard wood or root may be used for a handle.

These Brooms are sturdy and are made and tied with wire. These brooms are made the right way and are not held together with glue. Any broom that has dyed Broomcorn is slightly more expensive due to the extensive process of hand dying the Broomcorn in large vats over an open fire with natural dyes. This is a long and tedious process, but we feel it gives the best natural color and makes the final broom a stunning piece!

These Brooms are quality A+ pieces of work, and very long lasting. The first broom I made over 10 years ago is still in service.

Typically most Broom makers call round Brooms, Besoms. This makes a distinction and is more appealing than just saying "round Broom". A historically accurate Besom would be made of twigs and bound with leather or bark.

The flat broom is a fairly new concept. Before the 1830's (or there about), the round Broom was what everyone used.

Brooms also known as Besoms are used to sweep areas clean of negativity, as wands to focus and direct energy and may be used to ground a finished circle.

The Broom protects the hearth and the are perfect for kitchen magic.

The Broom is used in Pagan Handfasting Ceremonies and it is also popular among the African communities for weddings. "Jumping the Broom".

Two crossed Brooms were used in medieval Ireland to prevent negativity from entering homes through the fireplace or front door.

We love to give them as housewarming gifts!

Each Handmade Broom is one of a kind and will be listed separately. (apart from the Cobweb Brooms). Example being, some brooms may have a straight handle, while others may have a curve or even be slightly wavy, which completely adds to the charm of these unique pieces!

The Broom you see in the photo is the exact Broom you will receive!

Also note that due to the length of any broom over 12" long by 3" wide extra shipping will be added due to the length of the broom. Smaller brooms may fit in poster tubes if that is all you are ordering. Brooms with large Antlers are heavier and can be slightly awkward to pack.

We do not make any claims for the use or effectiveness of these Brooms used for intent, we sell it as a curio only.

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