Practical Magic ~ Black Complexion Soap ~ Small Batch, Palm Oil Free, Plastic Free, All Natural Handmade Soap

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Practical Magic
Black Complexion Soap


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“She made her own black soap every March, enough to last the year long, burning wood from rowans and hazelwoods for the ashes that would form her lye, using licorice-infused oil, honey, and clove, adding dried lavender for luck and rosemary for remembrance. Ladles of liquid soap were poured into wooden molds, where they hardened into bars. “

"The best soap is made in March in the dark of the moon. But since you're here now, we'll do it tonight."
- The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman @ahoffmanwriter

Made on the dark of the moon with licorice and hazel wood infused oil, honey, clove, lavender and rosemary and topped with hand harvested Rowan.

I’ve seen many incarnations of this soap described in Alice Hoffman’s book. I’ve read and researched and tested and tested some more and was able to honor the soap as it was intended ( I hope ). Why not have something whimsical I thought, and once I researched and read, I realized how beneficial this soap would be!

This formula is the first and original of this blend of ingredients. I created this recipe myself without copying from another maker.

The scent: Fresh Lavender is rounded out by a touch of Clove and Rosemary. The infused wood oils give the soap it’s characteristic scent.

Here’s my recommendations.

* Oily skin. Absolutely perfect. Can be used daily.
* Young, youthful skin. Again, perfect, can be used daily.
* Dry or mature skin. Limit your use to a few times a week and figure out what routine works best for you. You can always use it more frequently or less.
* Combination skin. Use the same as for dry skin.

If you don’t wear makeup or get your face dirty every day, there’s no need to use ANY soap daily. I alternate soap one day and just warm water and a toner the next.

My skin is mature, combination. I use this soap on my face every other day with the Mushroom serum. I can use it on my body, daily. You just have to figure what works best for you, as with any skin care routine or soap.

Please see the "materials" link in the hightlights to see the full ingredient list.

Handmade in small batches.
After the soap is made and cut into bars by hand, the leftover ends and pieces are used for samples, so none is wasted.

Weight: Each bar weighs approx. 4.5 - 5 oz.
Size: Approx. 2.5” x 3.5”. Due to the handmade, hand cut nature, size and weight may vary slightly.

About my soaps: All my soaps are made using the cold process method. Cold process soap is made with lye. Lye is a natural ingredient made from wood ash. Once the soap has gone through the saponification process, which turns oils and lye into soap, there is no lye present in the cured, finished bar.

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This bar was purchased to replace my normal Owens bar that is no longer being made....and did it just slip into those shoes perfectly! Subtly scented bar with a rich lather that leaves my skin so fresh. Thank you so much for the bar and the samples. Truly a lovely experience from beginning to end! :)

I would give this shop 10 stars if I could! First of all, the products are wonderful. They smell amazing and feel so pure. The packaging is gorgeous and so helpful—I love seeing every ingredient that goes into what I use on my skin. Also my package contained some lovely free samples that I wasn’t expecting! I’m already planning all the gifts I’m going to buy from here 😍

This soap has done wonders for my dry skin. It came beautifully wrapped and included a handwritten note as well as wild flower seeds and two samples. I’ve had to buy more bars because my husband likes the way it lathers! Highly recommend!

The quality is amazing!

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