Moonlight ~ Illuminating Body Butter ~ Small Batch, Palm Oil Free, Plastic Free, All Natural Handmade Skin Care


Illuminating Body Butter

4 oz glass jar.
Please read the description on these natural balms and butters carefully.

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A soothing rich, hydrating butter with skin loving botanicals of Jasmine Sambac.
When I use the term “illuminating” it does not mean it’s full of mica. It means that the botanicals themselves lend a subtle natural glow when used over time.

Let’s get lost…..
Allow your Soul to wander through a garden of night blooming flowers under a rich full moon. Drench your skin in fragrant petals and hydrating botanicals.

This butter was designed to portray the full energy of the Jasmine Sambac flower. Night blooming Jasmine embodies all the essence and magick of the Full Moon.

Enjoy this butter along with the entire Moon Dance collection and layer these beautiful essences that will last all day… or night long.

The scent: Scented with real Jasmine Sambac essential oil, which blooms in the evening. A touch of vanilla balances the rich floral with a touch of sweetness.
Not too strong, and not overpowering. Subtle, yet rich. Made for layering.

A butter is not like a lotion…. It contains no water, it is also not like a “whipped butter” which is just full of air, (it doesn’t make it lighter, just a larger profit) but my special formulation technique gives the butter a light and creamy texture that melts on contact and spreads easily, without leaving a greasy feel. Please follow enclosed instructions and see photo of what I consider a “tiny bit”. If you use too much, or do not rub it in well, your skin will not absorb it properly and may feel slightly greasy.

This butter is super concentrated and will last a very long time. Although Jasmine is expensive, you get your moneys worth indeed!

Good for all skin types, but is best suited for normal to dry or mature skin. I have been using this every day and I love it!

The Ritual:

Only use a small dab at first. The size I use is a little bigger than the size of a pea and it covers my arms, legs and torso. You do not need much. You will find after use once, how much is needed for your particular needs. Apply gently in small circular motions to your entire body. Use after the Moon Rise Soap.

Complete directions for use of each product will be enclosed with purchase.

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Here is an informative link on my natural creams, butters and lotion bars:

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What a beautiful product! Night blooming jasmine is probably my FAVORITE scent ever so I had to buy this immediately and it did not disappoint! Gorgeous color and I love the texture of it. Be sure to follow the directions! A little really does go a long way! This butter glides on so nice and the scent...THE SCENT!! It's the most perfect scent!! I feel like some sort of twilight fairy prince with it on, it makes me so happy. It's a gorgeous scent. There a lot of types of jasmine bushes around where I live and it makes me feel so comforted! ALSO, I love getting the packages themselves! So thoughtfully done with the perfect little goodies. I'm always so happy when I can shop from here!

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