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The Earth's Cauldron

Cobweb Broom ~ #700 Handmade Broom

Cobweb Broom ~ #700 Handmade Broom

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Cobweb Broom #700
Style: Cobweb/Round
Broomcorn Color: Natural
Size: 57” Long/Tall ~ Broomcorn is 22” in length.
Handle: Willow
Adornments: None.

***All Brooms MUST be purchased separately from all other products. If you want other items, please make two separate orders. ***

Natural, Rustic, Cottage Style Broom.
The Broom you see in the photo is the exact Broom you will receive!
My Brooms and Besoms are all one of a kind. No two are alike and they are not mass produced. All brooms are made of 100% organic materials.

I love giving these Cobweb Brooms as gifts! I always get funny looks, then a call back later stating they “never knew how they ever lived without it”!

Purpose and use: Overhead cleaning, corner cleaning and hard to reach places. These Brooms are also the perfect size for rituals and ceremonies in smaller spaces. Children love to “fly around” with them too. :)

Typically, most Broom makers call round Brooms, Besoms. This makes a distinction and is more appealing than just saying "round Broom". A historically accurate Besom would be made of twigs and bound with leather or bark.

The flat broom is a fairly new concept. Before the 1830's (or there about), the round Broom was what everyone used.

Brooms also known as Besoms are used to sweep areas clean of negativity, as wands to focus and direct energy and may be used to ground a finished circle.

The Broom protects the hearth, and they are perfect for kitchen magic.

The Broom is used in Pagan Handfasting Ceremonies, and it is also popular among the African communities for weddings. "Jumping the Broom".

Two crossed Brooms were used in medieval Ireland to prevent negativity from entering homes through the fireplace or front door.

We love to give them as housewarming gifts!

These Brooms are made well, and very long lasting. The first broom I made over 10 years ago is still in service.

I do every step by hand, including processing, dying and tying. All broomcorn that is colored is hand dyed in house with natural dyes. These dyes will not bleed under normal circumstances, but due to the nature of the natural dyes, some rub off could occur if you get your broom wet or it sits in a humid environment.

These brooms are rustic, cottage style creations. Some peeling or flaking of the bark on the handles is natural, as we like to leave the handles in a natural, rustic state as much as possible. Some shedding of the broomcorn may also occur with regular use, this is 100% normal.

We do not make any claims for the use or effectiveness of these Brooms used for intent; we sell it as a curio only.

Photos and monitors on different devices may slightly affect the appearance of the colors of the actual broom.

Photos showing multiple brooms are for reference only. You are receiving one (1) broom as shown in first photo and described in listing.

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