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With my products, you are paying for raw ingredients. Not water or air. Sure, other creams may seem lighter… but here’s why.
  • Water is added
  • It is whipped
So, you have two methods here. One incorporates a lot of water and a questionable emulsifier. The other is air. Yes, with “whipped butters” they are not lighter, you are just using less. You are paying for air.

Recommended Use
All you have to do is use my products exactly as directed. It may take some getting used to, a little learning curve if you will, but at least you’re getting your money’s worth.

With creams and butters, I recommend starting out using a dab that is the size of a grain of rice. (See photo) You can always add more. Complete directions are included with each product.

My Honey Apricot Microdermabrasion Facial has to be stirred before each use as the apricot seeds float to the bottom and the jojoba beads to the top. It takes what… 2 extra seconds? Would you rather this easy, simple step or pay three times as much for something with a suspension ingredient added? Yeah… me neither.

My boyfriend is a prime example of not using my products correctly. He rubs the
Healing Hands
lotion bars between his hands for a good minute then takes 5-8 minutes to get it rubbed in and absorbed. (Yes, I have timed him). What’s he doing wrong? The same mistake I see over and over. Using way too much.

I put a “natural” store bought hand lotion out for him to use, and he says, “it’s easier and absorbed faster without feeling greasy at first”. Is it a better product with its 23 different “naturally derived” ingredients? No… it’s just easier for him. Why is it easier for him? Because he doesn’t use my lotion bar properly. He will still use too much every time.

Everyone is so used to using gobs of product just like they would with store bought stuff, it’s hard to get out of that habit. More is not better. I’ve felt his hands the last week and I must say, the ingredients are not giving a lasting effect compared to my lotion bar, that actually was.

Why do water-based creams seem to be lighter? Your skin will absorb what it needs of the water and oils, and the rest of the water will evaporate. With pure oils, your skin will also only absorb what it needs, but without the unnecessary water.

I can’t stress this enough. It is not the product making your skin feel greasy. If you use it properly, you will never have an issue with a greasy feeling. If your skin feels greasy in any way after application (also give it approximately 15-20 minutes after application to fully absorb) YOU’VE USED WAY TOO MUCH.

So, yes… it takes a little bit of patience and experimenting with my formulas, but in the end, you are 100% getting your money's worth and know 100% exactly what’s in them.

Green vs Green Washing

I’d like to share with you why my creams, lotions and butters do not contain water. I will always be on the hunt for a certified 100% natural emulsifier to make my creams lighter and easier for you to use. Up to this current blog posting, I have yet to find one. An emulsifier is an ingredient that binds the oils and water together to form a cream that doesn’t separate.

Yes, there are naturally derived emulsifiers out there, but let me further explain.

One of the most popular forms of Green Washing is “naturally derived” or “plant derived”. I was doing my weekly search for a truly natural emulsifier to make creams and butters and found none of them could truly claim a 100% natural product. Out of 10 one had “100% plant derived ingredients” but just HOW was this derived? They all had the Vegan and Kosher seal, but none could claim they weren’t derived by an unknown chemical process or by severe processing methods.

Cucumber extract for example (not an emulsifier, just a popular natural ingredient), needs to have a chemical preservative added from the minute it’s processed up to the final product. So therefore, is it still a 100% natural product?

Long story short… manufactures are not required by law to list the way their ingredients are derived on their labels. A “naturally derived product”. Can be derived synthetically or naturally and still be labeled under the same name!

An ingredient can be marketed as naturally derived, even though it was made using two natural chemicals that react together to make a 100% synthetic chemical that is nowhere near the original plant material.

I need to know my ingredients better than that before passing them on to you. I will never mislead or "green wash" you into using my products. Your safety, your skin and your peace of mind are more important to me than a dollar.

I hope this post was informative and I encourage you to ask questions, look at photos and use everything as directed.

With much love and many blessings,
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