Committed to quality

A slow living philosophy transforms into a slow crafted herbal catalog. No automation, no industrial machines. My oils are infused by sunlight, not stovetop. I craft everything in small, quality-controlled batches. Quality, hand crafted products is all we offer. No rushing production.I embrace the old ways.

Experience matters

Since 1998 The Earth's Cauldron has been producing the best natural products available. The environment is very important to me, as is what we put in and on our bodies. Everything you purchase from me here at The Earth's Cauldron will be made with care and the best natural raw materials available, no artificial ingredients and nothing synthetic.

High Standards

The quality of our products is of the highest standards!Raw ingredients such as Oils, Butters, Pure Essential Oils and Herbs are used to create soap and body care products you can feel good about putting on your skin. Herbs are home grown or wild harvested when possible. Our products are made in small batches for quality control.

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The Earth's Cauldron

The Earth's Cauldron, the melting pot of the world. A center for us all.
A place where you can find many different cultures existing side by side in relative harmony. Here at The Earth's Cauldron, culture is celebrated and shared, not appropriated.
Our products are created and formulated by herbalist, soapmaker and master formulator Katherin, who is also the sole proprietor and owner. Inspired by a $4.00 aromatherapy paperback book decades ago to look deeper into the harmonies between of life and nature.
Ancient methods transformed into modern grassroots sustainability.

Earth: The planet on which we live. The substance of the land.
Cauldron: A large cast iron vessel used for cooking over an open fire. The Cauldron symbolizes the element of Earth as a tool for working. Cauldrons symbolize not only the feminine and the Goddess but also represent the womb.

When Earth and Cauldron converge, you have the substance of the land in a vessel representing the feminine Earth.