Here are my some of my favorite Earth’s Cauldron skincare products! It’s hard picking your favorites, it’s like choosing between your children or your pets! I get asked frequently which products I use regularly, and these are my top picks. 💚

Forest Folk ~ Flower, Fern & Moss Soap
💚 I just love anything with Oakmoss in it! I love how clean this soap makes my skin feel and the earthy aroma with its sweet hint of Oakmoss is centering and grounding for me.

Practical Magic ~ Black Complexion Soap
💚 Love, love, love this soap. It does wonders for my skin and smells so good. My forever face soap!

Green Witch ~ Oakmoss & Wildmint Lip Balm
💚 This lip balm has been a game changer for me. My lips seem to stay dry, so this “rescue balm/salve” keeps them smooth and soft.

Golden Nectar ~ Nourishing Face Cream
💚 I can’t say enough about this cream. It’s a new creation, and I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without it. My skin feels like it did when I was 20!

Devil's Claw ~ Deep Recovery Scrub
💚 I am so in love with this scrub. This blend is formulated to help soothe both body and soul. When you find yourself in need of some serious deep recovery, reach for this.

Herbal Goddess ~ Soothing Butter & Healing Herbs Solid Lotion Bar
💚 The best lotion bar ever! My skin gets drier as I age and I need something with staying power that doesn’t leave my skin greasy. This one checks all the boxes.

Cream Deodorant ~ Clary Sage & Coconut
💚 What can I say… I’m one of those people who never found a deodorant that actually worked. If it works on me, it will work on anyone. No irritation and leaves my skin soft too!


Of course, I have more products that I love.  Picking my favorite soaps for example is like picking your favorite child.! And I’m sure the more I create the more new favorites I will find.

Many blessings!

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