Tour the Earth's Cauldron Stillroom & Soap Studio with me!

Tour the Stillroom & Soap Studio

Ok... so there's not a lot to see and neither is a huge space, but it's perfect for me.  Sure, a bigger studio and space would be nice, but then costs go up, overhead goes up etc... Plus, I like being able to work from home, it makes my time more manageable and brings me peace of mind.

The Stillroom:


My century old vintage Hoosier Cabinet. This is where the Anointing & Spell Oils are formulated.


This fireplace was abandoned years ago but the aesthetic is still beautiful to me!

My view

I just love this space so much!




I turned my vintage sewing machines into a base for a worktable!  

Apothecary Jars

I love collecting antique apothecary jars, cans and bottles.

Also... notice Stevie Nicks everywhere?


Recipe/Formula Book. Also known as a Grimoire. 

Humphrey’s Specifics Antique Cabinet

Humphrey’s Specifics Antique Cabinet

Book Nook

Book Nook


Entryway and Piano.


The Soapmaking Studio:



Soaps, another view

Soaps and a partial view of the "very empty soap curing rack".


Skincare! Everything is made in small batches!

Soap Samplers

Ramie Soap Savers, Soap Decks and one of my Soap Samplers!

Curing Rack

A very empty curing rack! (won't stay this way for long)

Work area

My main work area (yes, it's a mess)  

Controlled Environment

This area is separate from the Stillroom and it's kept at a controlled temperature and with a dehumidifier to help control the Florida humidity.

I hope you enjoyed this modest little tour.  I like to keep things simple and don't want a huge warehouse where I get lost in the machine.  I always want to be that "Mom and Pop" shop.  I feel this gives me better control over the final product and it also helps keep your costs down!
Love you all and thank you so much for being on this journey with me.
Stay tuned for a garden tour and for another post on previous shops and pictures from days past... some way back to 1998 when I started out!
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