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The Earth's Cauldron

French Oakmoss ~ Natural Perfume Oil

French Oakmoss ~ Natural Perfume Oil

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French Oakmoss
Solid Perfume Oil
Earth Inspired ~ Plant Based

*** Please read description carefully. If you are unfamiliar with the scent of true Oakmoss Essential Oil, or if this is your first purchase of my natural perfumes, PLEASE purchase the sample size of this product first to determine if the scent is right for you. Most will love it, some will not. These are subtle earthy scents, not strong perfume like you would find in Ulta!

Samples can be found in the “Samplers + Gift Sets” category.

Please see the “about perfume oils” section below.
Scent strength: Medium

*Previously sold as a solid, this pure oil formula is concentrated.  A little goes a long way!

1/2 glass bottle of perfume oil, scented only with rare resins and essential oils. (Also available is a sample size, see other listings).

Beautifully packaged in a reusable slip top tin, which also protects it during shipping while keeping costs down.

Earthy and sweet. Reminiscent of dewy moss and sweet forest nectar. Grounding and calming. This fragrance is soft, and Forest drenched. Hints of old trees and morning mists.

Feel free to ask any questions before purchase if you are unfamiliar with the scent of Oakmoss.

The Ritual:

Scent your body in decadence. Apply as needed to pulse points. Reapplication is only needed depending on how much you initially applied, how long your day is and how strong you prefer to wear your blend.

Active Botanicals & Featured Ingredients:

* The forest is a living, breathing entity full of scents and essence. Oakmoss is distilled from French Lichen, which is a combination of algae and fungus that wraps the Oak Trees in a timeless embrace. Oakmoss is not just an amazing smell, it is soothing for the skin and helps retain moisture. Restorative and grounding.

About Perfume Oils:

Natural perfumes are not the same as store bought perfumes. Natural perfumes are to be enjoyed by you and those close to you, it should not announce your presence in a room. People should not cover their noses when they pass you in the supermarket, a natural perfume is more personal and intimate than that.

Most commercial blended perfumes contain synthetic fragrance oils which can irritate the skin and cause headaches. Our perfumes are always made with the best quality essential oils and absolutes we can obtain. These scents will be a bit different on each person's skin and some will change and soften into a different scent or particular note of the combined fragrance.

You may need to apply these perfume oils a couple times a day, depending on how much you initially applied, how long your day is and how strong you prefer to wear your blend. As mentioned above, please do not expect an all day, super strong artificial fragrance experience.

Test on a small area of skin. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use. Each person is unique, and each scent will affect everyone differently. I have never had anyone be allergic or have any reaction to our natural perfumes, but everyone's skin is different, and it is wise to be cautious until you know your skin and the individual notes of the perfumes can be friends and blend in harmony.

More Information

The Earth's Cauldron is a small studio-based business curated by me in 1998. Years of research and testing goes into your handmade offerings.

About our Products:
100% Natural, no artificial anything! Earth friendly & biodegradable.
We only use pure, 100% natural ingredients, such as oils, butters, herbs and essential oils in our products. No fragrance oils or mica. Palm Oil free. All ingredients are obtained from sustainable sources and organic whenever possible.

Labels, Packaging & Shipping:
I ship within one business day excluding weekends and holidays.
Our labels and shipping materials are made from recycled materials and all of our packaging and containers are as natural and plastic free as possible.

Disclaimer & Legalities:
Information about ingredients in our listings, is for educational purposes only and derived from historical or widely accepted sources. It is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any diseases or health concerns. You are using these products at your own risk. We recommend researching any natural ingredients if you have never used them before. It is always recommended that you test each product on a small patch of skin before complete use. Everyone's skin is different.

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