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The Earth's Cauldron

Magnolia Cone, Loaded Whole Cone ~ 1 Pack

Magnolia Cone, Loaded Whole Cone ~ 1 Pack

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Magnolia Cone
Loaded Whole Cone

1 pack - 1 whole loaded cone.
See photos for size reference.
Packaged in a foil lined kraft bag for freshness. Bag size may vary depending on size of herbs and roots.

* Also available plain and unloaded! (See separate listing).

Loaded with botanically dyed red beeswax rolled in crushed Amethyst, Lavender, Passionflower, Cedar and Orange Peel. Scented with Lavender, Sweet Orange and Cedarwood.

Tied with natural jute and adorned with an authentic skeleton key and wood beads.

These smell so good!

Intent:  Magnolia Cones are considered a strong Folk Charm here in the South.  Use Magnolia to attract a faithful and loyal partner.  According to tradition, hang a cone over your bed with some red cord to keep your lover faithful.  

I added a red and natural cord to these, as I want you to add your own plain red cord, string or ribbon, to weave your own magick into it. You can also leave it as it is if you wish.

Magnolia is also used to attract good luck and abundance.  Hang one over your front door for prosperity, love, peace and harmony.

The herbs and curios we offer are always fresh and natural. Many are cultivated from The Earth’s Cauldron’s own organic garden.

NOTE: The shipping weight and cost on lightweight items can add up quickly. As always, I will refund any shipping overages on combined orders, if any.

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***If you are pregnant or nursing, ALWAYS check with your physician before consuming herbal teas or any other herbal products***

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The Earth's Cauldron is a small studio-based business curated by me in 1998. Years of research and testing goes into your handmade offerings.

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